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The Long Haul:

Career Paths for Graduate Students

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
4 - 6pm
Skylight Room, The Commons
This session will expand your thinking about employment options in various industries and possible career paths available to UMBC graduate students. Network and meet employers interested in master's degree and Ph.D. level talent during "speed-dating style" roundtable discussions. This event is a collaboration between the Career Center and PROMISE AGEP. It is free of charge and includes networking with great agencies and a free dinner.

CAREER MONTH buttons: Networking or Career Exploration

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**If you require special accommodations for this event due to a disability, please notify us at least two weeks prior to the event. Requests received after that time cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to make the proper arrangements. Please email with your specific request - be sure to include title, date, and time of the event.

List of Employers Registered to Attend
Research companies, before the event, on their own websites (linked below) and on Vault. Click on the information icon to display company descriptions provided by each employer upon registration.
Recruiting majors: All Majors

Across Maryland, over 8,000 men and women share in the work of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. In the Catholic Center, 145 parishes, 68 schools, and other agencies in Baltimore City and nine surrounding counties, we work together to further the mission of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore seeks qualified, enthusiastic, committed, and talented individuals for a variety of positions that will allow them to fulfill their unique potential.
Recruiting majors: All IT/Computer Majors; SOCY; ECPA; EHS; INCC; IMDA; LLC; PUBL; SOWK; AGNG; EDUC; HIT

About Baltimore Corps
WHO WE ARE: Baltimore Corps is a nonprofit organization working to enlist talent to accelerate social innovation in Baltimore and advance a citywide agenda for equity and racial justice.

FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM places Fellows in social impact positions with Visionary Cause Leaders in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors to effect systems-level change across focus areas including education, public health, and workforce development. Beyond building capacity in individual organizations, Fellows come together as a cohort over the course of an intensive yearlong program designed to provide professional development, networking, and collaboration opportunities, and increased understanding of equity and racial justice.

PLACE FOR PURPOSE connects talented professionals to social impact career opportunities across Baltimore City, supporting talented, mission-driven job seekers outside the parameters of the Baltimore Corps Fellowship Program.

ELEVATION AWARDS provide funding and tailored to those with lived experience in Baltimore piloting novel approaches to strengthen their communities. Elevation Awards are designed to leverage the assets of communities to pioneer new solutions in social entrepreneurship, elevate leaders of community solutions, and support the early-stage pipeline of social entrepreneurs in Baltimore.

WHERE WE OPERATE: Baltimore City

OUR WHY: Our greatest and most persistent challenges have been caused by people — they can and will be solved by people. Baltimore Corps envisions a city empowered to develop, retain, and connect its leaders to achieve a more equitable future for all of its residents.

Advancing Equity and Racial Justice Citywide
Increasing Sector Effectiveness
Collaborating to Put Baltimore First
Recruiting majors: All Majors; ADP; SOCY; H/S PSYC; NACS; SOWK

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
is now HIRING for ENTRY-LEVEL POSITIONS in Columbia, MD and surrounging areas!

Join the CARD Family as a Behavior Technician and become a Senior Regional Manager
by following the CARD career track.

Are you compassionate and expressive, a great listener, and have a drive to help people? Do you enjoy working in different spaces and places, developing relationships and doing work that makes a difference? Would you love to work in a family oriented environment with flexible hours? Do you find yourself continuously searching for growth opportunities and mentorship?

Begin your career as a Behavior Technician at CARD, and learn how to implement one on one behavioral intervention programs to help patients with Autism. In your new role as a Behavior Technician, you may work in patients’ homes, CARD Centers, community settings, schools, or even in natural settings like parks and playgrounds.
You will participate in CARD’s comprehensive paid training program to learn about Applied Behavior Analysis, teaching techniques, social skills development, and other relevant skills. As you progress, continued training is available to help you advance your career.
Recruiting majors: CMPE; CMSC; IS

As a technical services and product company, CollabraSpace supports the critical mission of our nation’s security through ongoing collaboration with our team members, customers, and partners.

We provide team members with ongoing technical training, education, and certifications. Team member opinions, thoughts and suggestions are sought out, discussed openly, and incorporated into the organizational framework whenever possible. With support from management, team members evaluate and select the project they wish to support and are encouraged to seek out new projects when ready for a new challenge.

Collaboration is the fusion of people and ideas toward a common goal; and at CollabraSpace it is part of everything we do. It’s the foundation upon which Collabraspace was created; the core of our corporate philosophy. The CollabraSpace logo echoes this philosophy showing how different pieces of one circle work together. CollabraSpace team members are encouraged to “Make a Life, Not Just a Living at CollabraSpace!”
Recruiting majors: All Majors

Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agency

Founded in 1942 to aid a country at war, we provide solutions to national security and scientific challenges with systems engineering and integration, research and development, and analysis. Throughout our seven decades of service, we have focused on practical applications of our research in a wide range of scientific and technological fields; today, our four main sponsored areas of work include air and missile defense, asymmetric operations, force projection, and space science. Additionally, we continue to honor our enduring commitment to work with and inspire future generations of scientists, engineers, and researchers.
Recruiting majors: SOWK

Little Leaves Behavioral Services is an organization dedicated to helping people with social, communication, and behavioral challenges grow and succeed so that they can participate as fully as possible in their families and communities. Using evidenced-based practices based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our therapists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (Clinical Coordinators) partner with each family to develop and implement an individualized therapeutic plan. We also help families coordinate the logistics of therapy so that they can focus their time on what really matters – caring for their children. We are actively recruiting therapists to become part of our Little Leaves community.
Recruiting majors: STAT; PUBL

The Office of Budget Analysis (OBA) in the Department of Budget and Management is the executive branch office that develops and oversees the implementation of the Governor's budget. Through this process analysts have the opportunity to affect change and policy through budgetary recommendations and programmatic support. In addition to presenting exhaustive analyses and recommendations to the Secretary of the Department, analysts draft budget bill language, evaluate and translate performance metrics, and often get to work on policy specific white papers and projects. OBA will be hiring for analysts through the spring and will be seeking top talent for the roles. The positions are highly competitive so please feel free to reach out with questions to best prepare for the chance to be considered.

Recruiting majors: SOWK

Therapeutic Connections, LLC is a licensed mental health agency providing comprehensive programing and integrated care to children, teens and adults throughout the state of Maryland. Therapeutic Connections utilizes a holistic, strength- based and person centered treatment model that focuses on the whole person. Our purpose is to enhance the lives of the populations served by assisting them reach their fullest potential.‚Äč
Recruiting majors: ADP; SOCY; H/S PSYC

Verbal Beginnings provides in-home and center-based Applied Behavior Analysis services to promote independence and growth among children with developmental disabilities. A team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts develop individualized treatment programs to teach and increase communication, feeding, appropriate behavior, social skills, and adaptive living skills. Our team approach ensures that the most progressive techniques are used to meet each child's individual needs.

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