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Event Day Date Time Location
Entrepreneur Panel Mon 4/3/201712:00-1:00 pm University Center Ballroom
The People You Meet on the Road: Master the Art of Making Connections Mon 4/3/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Congressman Elijah Cummings' 20th Annual Job Fair Mon 4/3/20179:00-2:00 pm Off-Campus
Tune Up: Resume Rescue Mon 4/3/201710:00-4:00 pm Math/Psych 201
Measure by Moments, Not by Miles: Careers Impacted by an Aging Population Tue 4/4/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Skills for Success: Time Management Wed 4/5/201712:00-12:45 pm Commons 327
Building Your Professional Network Wed 4/5/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Loyola University Maryland Career Fair Wed 4/5/201712:00-3:00 pm Off-Campus
The Long Haul: Career Paths for Graduate Students Wed 4/5/20174:00-6:00 pm Skylight Room, The Commons
LGBTQ+ in the Workplace Thu 4/6/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Fill Up the Tank: Financial Literacy Mon 4/10/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Study Abroad Experience and Professional Marketability Tue 4/11/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Coast to Coast: Sweeten Up Your Network: Alumni-Student Networking Event Tue 4/11/20175:30-8:00 pm Skylight Room, The Commons
Go the Distance: Grit & Greatness Alumni Panel Wed 4/12/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Reverse Career Fair Wed 4/12/201712:30-3:30 pm University Center Ballroom
Avoid the Traffic: Navigating the Federal Job Search Process Thu 4/13/201712:00-1:00 pm Math/Psych 210
Career - Fit Thu 4/13/20176:00-8:00 pm Skylight Room, The Commons
Stretch Your Legs: Relocating for Internships & Jobs Mon 4/17/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Don't Get Gridlocked: Demystifying the Security Clearance Process Tue 4/18/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Skills for Success: Motivation & Goal Setting Wed 4/19/201712:00-12:45 pm Commons 327
Freedom of the Open Road - Entrepreneur Panel Wed 4/19/201712:00-1:00 pm University Center 312
Are We There Yet?: Balancing Your Career Expectations Thu 4/20/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
PRAC 102 Reflection Session: Building Skills for Career Success Thu 4/20/20174:00-5:00 pm Math/Psych 210
Beyond the Diners and Drive-Ins: Dining Etiquette Dinner Thu 4/20/20175:30-8:00 pm Skylight Room, The Commons
All Who Wander and Are Not Lost: Grad School 101 Panel Mon 4/24/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
All You Need is a Full Tank of Gas and Good Friends: Finding Community in the Workplace Tue 4/25/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Arts with a Purpose: Create Your Career Tue 4/25/20176:00-8:00 pm Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery
Read the Signs: Evaluating Job Offers Wed 4/26/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
21st Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day Wed 4/26/20179:30-3:30 pm University Center Ballroom
State of Maryland DBM Meet and Greet (Recruiting for Finance and Accounting) Wed 4/26/20174:00-5:30 pm Off-Campus
Road Warriors: What I Wish I Knew in College Thu 4/27/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
Career Corner: Teach for America Thu 4/27/201710:00-2:00 pm Commons: Main Street
St. Mary's County Public Schools Teacher Job Fair Fri 4/28/20178:00-5:00 pm Off-Campus
PRAC Workshop: Adding Your Intern/Co-op/Research to Your Resume Mon 5/1/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 329
Info Table: Summit Home Remodeling Tue 5/2/201712:00-4:00 pm Commons: Main Street
Fulbright Scholarship Information Session Wed 5/3/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 332
Info Session: American Pool Enterprises, Inc. Wed 5/3/201710:00-4:00 pm Commons: Main Street
PRAC 102 Reflection Session: Building Skills for Career Success Wed 5/3/20174:00-5:00 pm Math/Psych 210
PRAC Workshop: Strategies for Your Next Interview Wed 5/3/20176:00-7:00 pm Commons 329
Info Table: Michael Kors Tue 5/9/201712:00-4:00 pm Commons: Main Street
PRAC Workshop: Making the Most of LinkedIn Tue 5/9/20176:00-7:00 pm Commons 329
PRAC Workshop: End-of-Semester Intern/Co-op/Research Reflection Wed 5/10/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 329
Info Table: Summit Home Remodeling Wed 5/10/201712:00-4:00 pm Commons: Main Street
Career Corner: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Thu 5/11/201710:00-2:00 pm Commons: Main Street
Info Table: The Arc Howard County Thu 5/11/201710:00-4:00 pm Commons: Main Street
HZDG Integrated Creative Agency Thu 6/1/20176:30-8:30 pm Off-Campus
Dependable Strengths Workshop Fri 6/2/20179:00-5:00 pm Commons 331
HZDG Integrated Creative Agency Wed 6/7/20176:30-8:30 pm Off-Campus
Alumni Only Career Fair Thu 6/8/201711:00-2:30 pm Off-Campus
Baltimore Career Fair Thu 6/15/201711:00-2:00 pm Off-Campus
Info Session: UMBC Division of Professional Studies Wed 6/21/20176:00-7:30 pm UMBC Technology Incubator (South Campus)
PRAC Workshop: Reflecting & Sharing Your Experience Tue 6/27/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 329
Washington & West, LLC Job Fair Wed 6/28/20179:00-12:00 pm Off-Campus
PRAC Workshop: Acing Your Next Interview Wed 6/28/20176:00-7:00 pm Commons 329
3CS: Cyber Summit Wed-Fri 6/28/2017 - 6/30/20179:00-5:00 pm
PRAC Workshop: Writing Powerful Resume Bullets Wed 7/12/20176:00-7:00 pm Commons 331
PRAC Workshop: Making the Most of LinkedIn Thu 7/13/201712:00-1:00 pm Commons 331
NIH Graduate and Professional School Fair Tue 7/18/20178:45-3:30 pm Off-Campus