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Reverse Career Fair

Friday, March 29, 2019
University Center Ballroom

Take advantage of this FREE opportunity to connect with UMBC students. We will be inviting student organizations to set up booths highlighting the accomplishments of their organization, and we will also be featuring outstanding individual students who have earned a Professional Edge Badge for completing exceptional internship, research, and co-op experiences. We offer you the opportunity to walk through and connect one-on-one with these motivated students.

The Reverse Career Fair provides students the opportunity to speak enthusiastically about the actions of their organization or applied learning experiences with employers that approach them. This process will help students develop their professional networking skills and potentially secure an internship or full-time job offer. We also hope to foster mentoring connections with UMBC alumni.

Following the event, we will provide all attending employers access to a resume book of approved resumes for participating students. We hope you will consider joining us for this free event!

Student Organizations Registered to Attend

Click on the information icon to display student organization descriptions, awards and projects.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
UMBC AIChE is the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. We are a student-run professional organization dedicated to enhancing the engineering experience of the undergraduate chemical engineers at UMBC, by organizing various member activities including: plant tours to local industries, career building workshops, professional guest speakers, student social events, and collaboration efforts with other local student chapters and professional engineers in the local Maryland area. As an active student chapter, we intend to assist all chemical engineering students as they develop their skills in preparation for the workforce or continued education.

Projects/Awards: Chemical Energy Car (ChemE Car)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
The UMBC American Society of Mechanical Engineers student section focuses on bringing a sense of community to undergraduate mechanical engineering students. It is our goal to provide our members with resources in professional development, peer mentorship, and exciting projects.

Projects/Awards: Remote Controlled Water Cleanup Robot Miniature Remote Controlled Hovercraft
Biology Council of Majors
The Biology Council of Majors is a student organization designed to help all students interested in the biological sciences prepare for and achieve their professional ambitions whatever they may be. It serves as a meeting ground for like-minded individuals to enjoy science together in a non-academic setting. Throughout the year, we host speakers who share with us the opportunities and career options available to people interested in biological sciences. We also coordinate UMBC lab tours, hold bioethics debates, and offer guidance for excelling in classes at UMBC. Our primary goal is to encourage a broad appreciation for the biological sciences in all facets of life.

Projects/Awards: Semesterly Bioethics Debate with expert speakers (recent topics include Genomic Data, Adderall Abuse at Universities, CRISPR).
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter has been established for the purpose of creating a network of support and enlightenment for those who would like to encourage and assist the movement of Black Lives Matter.

Projects/Awards: Projects: First Black History Month BLM Open Mic Night, Volunteer work, and building partnerships with other social activism clubs and organizations.
Circle K International
Circle K International is the world's largest student-led collegiate service organization. We provide service, leadership, and fellowship opportunities to our members. Our motto is: Live to Serve. Love to Serve.

Projects/Awards: We raised $350 to make and send care packages to servicemen and women who were away from their families this holiday season. In the fall semester, our members completed 228 hours of service!
Engineers Without Borders
EWB is a non-profit organization that builds partnerships between, students, professional engineers, and community leaders to inspire, design, and build engineering solutions that positively impact and improve quality of life for communities with limited resources.

Projects/Awards: Water Project in San Rafael, Costa Rica.
Hellenic Student Association
The Hellenic Student Association (HSA) is a cultural club for anyone interested in Greek culture. Our goal is mainly to unite students of Hellenic background (or having an interest in Hellenism) attending UMBC.
Hispanic Latino Student Union
We are an organization focused on uniting students through culture with honor and tradition. We embrace our native heritage, while encouraging expression and support for others. We attempt to help members grow professionally and socially through our organization.

Projects/Awards: We have two annual events, El Encuentro in Fall, and La Reunion in Spring, which are formal/semi-formal events with dancing, group performances, food, and artwork that we have created ourselves for the event. We are also building on Dance Troupe, which is our group of students who performance dances of our heritage.
Information Systems Council of Majors
Information System Council of Majors provide a unique experience in which students are able to enrich their knowledge of the IT world through corporate and community interaction, professional workshops, tutoring, group discussions, community service, and various other activities. Established in 2002, we connect individuals inside and outside of our majors to internships, workshops, and research while uplifting our peers and the next generation of leaders. Our objectives are to build a community of IT scholars, to introduce students to IT-related careers and build relationships with employers.

Projects/Awards: Projects are in progress by members of ISCOM in various domains. The detailed discussion of the projects will be explained on the day of the Career Fair by the students.We also have tools which are developed by the members of ISCOM and used for internal purposes.
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
The UMBC IEEE Student Branch is a professional development society focused on bridging the gap between academic and professional experience. We actively support and fund student led projects in disciplines such as robotics, image recognition, control systems, and other varied subjects. It is our purpose to prepare students to be responsible professionals in the workplace while simultaneously improving academic performance.
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.
Lambda Theta Alpha is an academic organization that provides a sisterhood based on unity, love and respect in an effort to foster the development of strong leaders who will then provide and practice political, social and cultural activities. Lambda Theta Alpha promotes unity through charitable and educational programs, maintain a higher standard of learning and serve as a voice for all students and neighboring communities.

Projects/Awards: Lambda Theta Alpha as a national organization has been recognized in several organizations. As as a chapter at UMBC, Lambda Theta Alpha members have previously received awards such as Greek Woman of the year, Greek Distinction, and Greek organization with the highest GPA. In the past Lambda Theta Alpha has also provided the student body with professional development workshops and community service opportunities.
Public Policy Graduate Student Organization
The Public Policy Graduate Student Organization is a group of students in the Masters or PhD Public Policy program creating opportunities for networking and community engagement for our peers in the program.

Projects/Awards: A few of our students won an award at a NASPAA Assimilation. PPGSO has also won a best organization of the year award. Other projects/events we've done in the past: STATA and NuVivo workshops for students, alumni career networking and panel events, co-sponsorship of the annual Public Policy alumni/student potluck picnic, and Retriever Essentials participation
Resident Student Association (RSA)
The Resident Student Association (RSA) is the primary programming and advocacy group for the Residential student body. RSA has a team of about 40 students along with a student executive board who work with residents to voice their concerns to the Department of Residential Life as well as plan fun, engaging programs. RSA also works collaboratively with other campus organizations to bridge the gap between commuter and residential students.

Projects/Awards: -Hosted the CAACURH 2017 Regional Leadership Conference that had about 500 students and staff from various institutions across the region -Worked with Residential Life to help implement hydration stations in all residence halls after advocating residen
Retriever Immigrants United
Fostering a brave, transparent, diverse, and inclusive space for immigrants (e.g undocumented, DACA recipients, TPS holders, refugees, asylees, second-generation, etc.) and allies by focusing on community, education, and empowerment.

Projects/Awards: Meet and Greet Event Immigrant Day of Action Open Mic Night
Retriever Robotics
We are a robotics club at UMBC Focused on teaching and perfecting programming, building, and design skills in and around the field of robotics.

Projects/Awards: Vex U Competition Robot, Robosub Competition Robot, Battle-Bots events.
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
We are a professional development club for STEM students of any gender. We network with companies, volunteer in the area, and help our members prepare for the professional world.
Sociology Graduate Student Organization
The Sociology Graduate Student Organization (SGSO) aims to create an environment for Sociology graduate students that promotes scholarship and provides students with opportunities to network with their peers.
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAA is a career and professional development oriented club with members from several different fields.

Projects/Awards: Our biggest and most successful project is our Design, Build, Fly team.
The Retriever
UMBC's student newspaper.

Projects/Awards: We Commit: Our renewed commitment to the truth Website redevelopment: Modernizing and optimizing our website.
UMBC Game Developers Club
The UMBC Game Developers Club is a professional, career-focused club dedicated to bringing students of all majors together to learn about game development, work in a team-based environment, network, and build portfolios of working, polished games.

Projects/Awards: The club is currently developing 8 games this academic year, with a 9th one in the early stages, featuring a variety of game engines (Unity, Unreal, Godot, and Xenko), programming languages (C#, C++, GDScipt, Blueprints), art styles (2D and 3D), and genres (platformers, RPGs, mobile, space combat, multiplayer fighting, and more).
UMBC Racing
UMBC Racing is a collegiate vehicle design team that designs and builds a custom ATV, manufacturing more than 80% of the vehicle in house. We then compete in SAE's racing series across the United States against elite teams from around the world where we finished 8th overall over 3 competitions.
UMBC Training Centers
UMBC Training Centers is a premier provider of professional and technical training for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. UMBC Training Centers is a part of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and is organized as a not-for-profit organization owned by UMBC. Our students attend a variety of programs including cybersecurity, computer and networking administration, project management, and many others.

Projects/Awards: Our Certified Cyber Analyst/Operator program is an intensive, hands-on training program designed to provide students with the technical skills required to begin a career in cybersecurity. The program includes a Certificate in Cyber Foundations, Certificate in Cyber Operations, and Certificate in Cybersecurity.
We Believe You
We Believe You is an activist and advocacy group for survivors of sexual violence. We aim to bring awareness to the problem of sexual violence on college campuses, illuminate resources available to survivors, and advocate for better policies and procedures when dealing with sexual violence. Everyone has a voice here and you are guaranteed to be heard. We Believe You.

Projects/Awards: We are working with the UMBC administration as a partner and advisor to the Retriever Courage initiative, started last fall, to review and revamp how the university responds to reports of sexual violence and expand the resources offered to survivors.

Outstanding Interns Registered to Attend

Click on the information icon to display deatils about the student and their experience.
Josh Chrisafis, Graphic Designer, Allogram
2019, VA
I participated in the production design protocols and procedures used by the awards whole-seller, Allogram. At Allogram, I was introduced to vector-based design techniques that are relevant to producing laser-cut glass and acrylic. In addition, I gained industry experience producing designs as tangible items for clients.
Sheetal George, Department of Program Management Intern , Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
2021, IS
Being an intern in the Department of Program Management at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was an amazing learning experience. Not only did I have the opportunity to gain real world experience in the field of project management, but I was given several responsibilities and accomplished several tasks. As in intern in the department, I provided support in scheduling meetings and conducted meeting WebEx calls. I was also responsible for creating and organizing supplemental meeting materials such as meeting agendas for attendees. I had the opportunity to obtain certification for the agency project management system, and through the training and certificate, I was able to implement Microsoft Project and SharePoint in several tasks that I was responsible for completing. I learned how the project managers use these softwares to track their projects till its completion and was able to implement the softwares by tracking my own project schedule throughout the course of my internship. I collaborated with the department staff and a fellow intern to create a SharePoint site for the manager of the department to use for organization of staff and project documents. I was responsible for contributing to the creation and testing of the site throughout the process as well as presenting the site to the department at the end of my internship. Lastly, I was responsible for creating requirements, testing, and user manual documents for the SharePoint site throughout the development process.
Sean Jordan, Software Engineering Intern, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
2022, CMSC; MATH
I am working to develop algorithms for a big data analysis platform that can help identify anomalies hidden in large datasets. Recently, I have helped identify links between certain genes and demographics in people with schizophrenia, which helps the medical industry predict which genetic trees and demographics are most prone to the disease. I have also helped identify causes of NAVAIR pilots occasionally experiencing sickness on flights by analyzing data from the plane's black box.
Theodore Papagiannopoulos, Intern, MPK Investments
2020, FIEC
Reviewed and summarized daily economic trends , assisted with option trading strategy , and reviewed internal documents.
Johnny Truong, Information Technology Intern, USDA
2021, IS
Gained an understanding of how the workforce works!

Some of my daily tasks:
-Installed encryption software (Bitlocker) on laptops, instructed users in use of laptops with encryption and self-recovery of passwords.
-Set up and imaged workstations and laptops for new hires and interns.
-Ultilized ticketing system to resolve employees technical problems. Some examples are printing issues, and basic computer problems.

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